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Free Dimension IT take your day to day operations and business and make it more successful using its website developments capabilities.

We start with researching your institution needs and translate it into a unique easy to use portal or website using the following professional techniques that distinct us from others

1- Discovery and project definition

2- Portal and website structure and information architecture

4- Aesthetic and visual design

5- System development

6- Testing and quality assurance

7- Hardware installation

8- System deployment and portal and website launching

10- Web analytics

11- Support and maintenance

Developing software applications and database systems is one of our core services. This section includes:

1 - System Analysis.
2 - Application Development.
3 - Database Design and Implementation.
4 - Query optimization to enhance system performance.

Are you the owner or manager of an organization that has different branches in different cities or countries ?

Do you need the most efficient way to link all your branches?

Have you ever thought of securely accessing your accounting system from anywhere in the world?

Web-based systems satisfies all your needs, and we are the masters of web-based systems.

We developed a number of products and systems in different technologies, and we also have the capability to design and develop any type of customized web-based systems for corporates and small/medium businesses.
The need for mobile applications is increasing everyday, we have started our journey of developing mobile applications five years back.

Currently we have enough experience to develop different applications for different mobile systems: Symbian, Windows, Java and apple.

Content is the main point of communication with your customers, that’s why they say content is king, our specialists in developing and customizing web content will be in direct contact with the client in order to develop the content that aligns with the clients vision and strategic plan. Achieving unique, readable, timely, relevant and search engine friendly content is our major concern. Details about our content development services are given below:

  1. Conceptualization for the content structure.
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis:
    1. Using Keyword research tools like “Google keyword Research Tool”, we will work on obtaining relevant keywords for your system.
    2. Determining primary and secondary keyword phrases.
  3. Analyzing and Improving text content:
    1.  For the currently available content in the system or website.
    2. Extensive analysis to identify weaknesses, inconsistencies.
    3.  Redesigning the layout and structure.
    4. Using the keyword analysis to improve the overall content.

  4. Content Writing:
    1. For newly added materials to the website.
    2. Our team cooperates with the client to form the content in the best words that delivers the message to the target customer clearly and in short.
    3. Ensure consistency and readability and easily accessing the required content.
    4. Develop content that best utilizes search engines, so that commons search engines can find your content quickly and easily.

Enhancing user accessibility for different systems and software applications is an important issue.

We evaluate every new feature and web page throughout its development to minimize user errors and insure that it’s meeting users’ expectations.