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AwalNet Hosting Platform AwalNet
Free Dimension IT and Awalnet company the STC subsidiary have signed a contract to develop a unique hosting platform.

the platform will be distinct and the first from its kind and capabilities in KSA.
King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology (KAIN)  
Free Dimension IT has singe a contract with King Abdul Allah institute of Nanotechnology (KAIN) at King Saud University to develop a professional dynamic website to represent its technological aspects and missions to the society.

Shams Aljazeera Schools  
Free Dimension IT is currently having a project with Shams Aljazeerah famous schools in order to develop a special customized e-learning system that will be integrated with the ministry of education program “Al-maaref ”.

In addition Free Dimension IT will develop a dynamic easy to use website for the schools.

Sumou Real-Estate sumou
Free Dimension IT in cooperation with Free Dimension Designs, developed a unique website for Sumou RealEstate, one of the largest real-estate companies in the middle east.

The website idea and technology was distinct from any usual website you see everyday.

Combining the Flash with the dynamic content in a fancy way, provides the maximum usability along with a simple.. Yet, amazing appearance.
Awalnet Portal AwalNet
Our partnership agreement with AwalNet company, was the result of our first successful project with AwalNet in developing and improving their web portal. The portal was to be launched at the start of 2009.

Three weeks time period was enough for our experienced team to deliver a project as big as AwalNet portal and meet the specified deadline with the best quality work that was very satisfying to them.

SABIC P.O. System sabic
Free Dimension IT has developed an advanced customized system for purchase orders managment to be used in one of the main SABIC departments.

The system was developed carefully to maximize the usability and minimize user errors.