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Free Dimension provides a unique collection of online products that serves the community in different fields and sectors, such as: Educational organizations, Industries, etc.


FD-CMS is a new customizable "Content Management System", fully ajaxified, applicable for any site structure.
FD-CMS is provided in two languages: PHP, and ASP.Net.

FD-EDU is a complete "E-Learning system" applicable for schools and colleges.
The system provides advanced tools for the communications between the student and the the school/college.

FD-POS stands for "Purchasing Orders System". This product provides full management for purchase orders and invoices. The system was designed carefully to achieve the maximum reliability and usability. 

FD-SRS stands for "Services Request System". This product is one of our most ordered products, as it is suitable for any kind of business that includes client requests. The system is fully customizable depending on the type of service provided by your company/organization.

FD-EMP is our unique "Employment system",  suitable for all recruitment companies who want to automate the process of recruitment and greatly increase their profits, with the minimum effort.
"Our team is ready to customize any of our products according to your Business/Organizational needs."

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