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Why Free Dimension

Free Dimension IT is a subsidiary of Free Dimension Inc.

It is a true success story that is developed out of what we believe imagination, inspiration and creativity

An imagination that that is free in its boundaries and Dimensions .. not limited or restricted in its ambitions  to reach the highest levels possible    

Inspirations that comes with this unbounded imagination to energized and give courage and enthusiasm to its team and the people around them

 Creativity that is driven by this imagination and inspiration leading to the great success    

That is the story of Free Dimension Inc written by its accomplishments.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be a leading company in IT and designs fields all over the world and to be a key

Effective factor in improving and developing the societies around us by the best means possible.


Mission: is to satisfy our vision by providing a professional high class solutions in both IT and designs and to make our recourses capable and always available to satisfy the needs of the societies around us.      

The Team 

It is the team of Free Dimension designs who is the driving spirit to its great accomplishments. We have a great diverse team from many different backgrounds and nationalities that share a commitment of delivering a professional high quality standard work that is satisfying to our client. Our collaborative team is for sure our greatest assist.